Who is Katharina?

My Story

Welcome! I am so honoured  to have this moment in time with you. I may or may not have met you before, however, I am grateful that you are sharing your time here in this space with me.

If you are on this page you may be interested in who I am and what I may be able to do to inspire, impact, or teach you about feel AMAZING in your body and having more joy, energy, health and vitality for your life.

Am I right?  Okay…maybe shed a few pounds and feel and look fabulous in your own skin is on the list too.  We are social and sexual beings so no need to think it’s vain to want these things too.

So what do I know about health, fitness and wellbeing? 

To be completely transparent beyond the degrees and certifications, it is the decades of personal life experiences and time assisting the 100’s of individuals navigate their complexities, that have provided me with the depth and expertise behind my coaching and programs.

Scholastically, I graduated with a diploma in Fitness Leadership in 1994 when I began fitness training in a local gym and then at a private studio from 1998 on.  This followed with a certification in Thai massage, and later a certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certificate at the Institute of Nutritional Leadership, Certified Hormone Cure Practitioner, with integrated training in Adrenal support and many other natural modalities.



I have had a successful one-on-one health and fitness coaching business for over 2 decades (and 70% of these clients I have personally been working with for well over a decade and some since the beginning).  I present at conferences, summits and retreats, where I share practical information and tools to enhance health, vibrancy and joy on their personal evolution. I also host workshops and have stepped into the world of group coaching and on-line support to reach more people like you.


My Own Personal Evolution

As a child I had an incredible imagination and big dreams for my life.  I perceived life and the world from a place of “curiosity and wonderment” and believed anything was possible.  I am sure some of you can relate to times in your childhood when you were untouched from the societal opinions and pressures from people and the culture from which you grew into.   I felt somewhat suspended in that space for a long time as I was fiercely independent and free spirited.

Now a few decades later I realize that I had tapped into a quality that is innate in us all of us.  Somewhere along the way many of us became weathered by life, and the model that we sought for help was often disconnected and broken. Today I often call upon my inner child to assist me in creating a perspective of energy, creativity, imagination and fun!

I was an active child and teenager and explored life through the perspective of body experiences more so than through the mental or spiritual body.  The sensations of the body were a source of intrigue, exploration, and challenge in how I associated myself with my environment and those around me.  I enjoyed gymnastics, dance, sports and often wished and willed my body to do and become what I wanted of it…whether it was to sculpt it, perform, mature into a feminine body or become strong and lean.

During high school, I finished gymnastics, dancing and sport I was looking for something new.  My experience in a fitness environment started when I was 16 years old.  I bought a membership at a local gym and was excited to explore a new dynamic of exercise to transform my body.  I saw resistance training as the opportunity to attain the healthy lean body I envisioned and began to understand the power of combining exercise with diet to achieve these results quickly and with focused determination.   I knew I had found my passion!

However I didn’t know that it was going to be the journey to “dis-cover” the disharmonies that were buried within other aspects of self…my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  I realize now that being healthy, vibrant and fit is more than drinking protein shakes and having stellar workouts.

You see, despite the willpower behind the healthy diet and three day split exercise routines I was experiencing “dis-ease” My body was cut and lean but I was depleted of energy, vitality, and joy.  I was chemically imbalanced, achy, bloated, constipated, anxiety ridden and stripped of my feminine flow.  I lost my menstrual cycle and felt the grip of depression slowly suck away my radiance and glow.  I did my best to hide my fears, insecurities and self-loathing in the recesses of my body and it was finally beginning to show and take its toll.

This was the personal crisis that began my journey of inner exploration. I could no longer ignore the calling of my soul to search for deeper meaning in my life.  The life that was waiting for me to engage from a perspective of connection with nature and my own natural rhythm, to heal the past hurts with compassion and to step forward in my life with gratitude, joy and integrity.  I began to explore meditation, yoga, healing modalities, poetry and personal development books; and began to surround myself with people who supported my inner journey of self-discovery.

I then began to integrate the teachings, experiences and explorations in a way that would align my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.  In 2007 I created a mediation that could access the creative flow that harnesses the ability to attract a sound, mind, body and spirit through the energy of gratitude and acceptance.  I called it “Flow Meditation” and this became the inspiration for the “Flow Evolution” Program.

My contracted state was beginning to unravel and I found an internal space that expanded my heart, my creativity and my health.  I dis-covered suppressed emotions within my eating disorder and the need to be accepted in my perfectionism.  I found insecurity in the crevasses of my sculpted muscles and my feminine heart hiding in the strength of my physique.  The stagnations within my being began to release, and a new way of relating to myself and life around me began to flow.

It was from this place that Personal Evolution was created.  It was birthed from the deep desire to experience wholeness, youthfulness, dynamic vibrancy, joy, connectedness, and engagement with life to experience and co-create beyond my imagination.  The program was created for people, perhaps like you, desiring a life of flow that inhabits thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that align with harmony, vitality, joy and passion.

Your personal evolution is unique to you and I believe each experience, circumstance, trial and tribulation is an opportunity to expand the vast innate wisdom of your unfolding with knowledge, exploration, gratitude and wisdom.  As quoted by one of my favourite poets Rumi: “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoings and right doings, there is a field.  I will meet you there”

I welcome each of you on your own personal evolution.  Your individual journey is sacred, one to be honoured and celebrated.  I look forward to walking this path with you.   Namaste is an Hindu expression which is a bowing gesture that means “the spirit in me honours the spirit in you.”   This is the path to your own health and healing too…to bow to your inner wisdom.  Come let’s journey together….


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